Spa Packages


All I Need 1 ½ hour ...... $95
Hotlomi Foot Care 30min / Reflexology 30min / Sitting Shiatsu 30minRelieve muscle tension and improve circulation. Experience a skin revitalizing foot scrub and a reflexology massage from the knees to the toes. Finish your foot treatment with a warm paraffin mask. While seated, receive a shiatsu neck and shoulder massage.

Hotlomi Face and Foot 1 ½ hour ...... $92
Hotlomi Foot Care 30min / Hydration Facial 60min
Breathe new life into your face and your feet. The journey begins with a warm compress to your feet followed by a heated paraffin foot mask. Then enjoy a relaxing facial massage that includes a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, and extraction. This is followed by an intense facial hydration mask.

From the Garden to Heaven 1 ½ hour ...... $115
Hot Stone Massage 60min / Ear candling 30min
This warm basalt stone massage, paired with our unique Hotlomi therapy, is applied to your back, arms, neck, and chest. The ancient practice of ear candling supplies the body with detoxification and restores internal balance.

All About Me 2 ½ hour ...... $145Hotlomi Massage 60min / Hydrating Facial 60min / Manicure 30min
Take a breath and relax with this therapeutic Hotlomi full body massage, then enjoy your choice of hydrating or deep cleansing facial. Finally, brighten up your nails with a manicure using OPI nail polish.

Glow my Soul 2 ½ hour ...... $172
Hotlomi Massage 60min / Body Scrub 30min / Body Wrap 30min / Scalp Massage
Designed to invigorate your body. Treatment includes a full body massage, micro-ocean sea salt scrub to polish the skin and detoxify the lymphatic system. A cooling seaweed mud wrap is applied to the body to detoxify and improve circulation.

Beauty Shower 2 ½ hour ...... $120
Facial 60min / Manicure / PedicureEnjoy a long, soothing beautification process with a full hour facial and an hour and a half of hand and foot pampering as well.

Head to Toe 3 hour ...... $200
Massage 60min / Facial 60min / Manicure / Pedicure
Revive yourself with our unique Hotlomi massage therapy for the body and pampering treatment for the face, feet and hands.

Thai Deluxe Spa 3½hr ...... $232
Body Scrub 30min/ Thai Massage 90 min / Facial 60min / Hotlomi Feet Care
Rejuvenate your body with this luxurious treatment. Experience a pore-cleansing body scrub and deep tissue Thai massage to relieve muscle tension. Complete the treatment with a Hotlomi facial and a herbal foot scrub with paraffin mask.

Revitalize Euphoria Spa 2½hr ...... $156
Hotlomi Feet Care / Hotlomi Massage 60min / Hotlomi Facial 60minEnjoy a Hotlomi herbal foot bath, scrub massage, and hot paraffin mask for your feet. Experience a relaxing full body Hotlomi massage. Complete the experience with a rejuvenating Hotlomi facial.

Tropical Thai 2hr ...... $128
Thaisu (or Hotlomi) Massage 90min/ Hotlomi Feet CareBegin with a Hotlomi herbal foot massage, followed by a choice of Hotlomi or Thaisu full body massage. Thaisu will encourage relaxation, increase flexibility, detoxify the body and stimulate weight loss. Thaisu treatment combines Thai massage and shiatsu and is conducted in a hot sauna room.