Signature Treatment

Hotlomi Massage 
$50/30min   $75/60min   $105/90min

     An exclusive body treatment developed by our founder Jenny Zhang  (D.A.c.).  Bask in warmth as heated oils and a hot paraffin pack glide over your body. The heat loosens up the muscles allowing for an all together more effective massage. The technician will use their forearms to move the energy along your meridian points. Designed to totally relieve body tension and muscle pain.

Thaitsu (Thai Yoga + Shiatsu)
$85/60min   $115/90min

     One of Clinic Ineed’s most popular services. Shiatsu is a “diagnose and therapy” technique that uses the hand to find and treat soar knots and irregularities in the  body. Thai  Yoga  improves upon this  by providing rhythmic acupressure on meridian points, gentle rocking and assisted stretches. The seamless combination of these two techniques helps to completely revitalize body and mind as well as restore the balance of Ying and Yang energy flow within the body.

Sitting Shiatsu 
$20/15min   $28/30min

    Focuses on key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Our technician performs it in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair.

What’s Popular at Clinic Ineed

Four Hand
$145/60min(weekday) $130/60min (weekend)

        If massage by  one therapist is a soothing solo, have you considered a symphony? Two therapists work together for deeper relaxation.

Couples Massage
$145/60min( weekday) $130/60min (weekend)

Complete your hotlomi with Full body glow with micro-Ocean sea salt scrub.........$35/30min

                                         Refreshing facial......................................................$35/30min