Spa for Two

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Share quality time with someone special! Great for couples, friends, family...

Weekend Hotlomi for Two--1hr /$130

       Double the relaxation. Relieve tension for two with a Hotlomi full body massage side by side in the same room.

Hotlomi Deluxe Spa for Two --3hr/ $380
Body Scrub 30min / Hotlomi Massage 60min     Hydrating Facial 60min / Hotlomi Feet Care

    Begin with an exfoliating body scrub, followed by a Hotlomi massage with Vitamin E oil to relieve tension and revitalize your skin. Then, after a full hour hydrating facial, soothe your feet with a Hotlomi herbal foot scrub and paraffin mask.

Tropical Hotlomi for Two --2hr/$240
Hotlomi Feet Care / Thaisu (or Hotlomi ) Massage 90min

         Luxuriate with a herbal foot bath, foot scrub, and a hot paraffin mask for the feet. Follow with your choice of Thaisu or Hotlomi  massage  and you will be  basking in happiness for the rest of your day.   

Revitalize Euphoria for Two --2½hr/$290
Hotlomi Foot Care/ Hotlomi Massage 60min/ Hotlomi Facial 60min

          Energize your mind and body with this therapeutic massage. Experience the revitazing benefits of a three  part foot  trearment  of herbal foot bath, foot scrub and  hot  paraffin mask, followed by a tension relieving, full body Hotlomi massatge. Finish with a relaxing Hotlomi facial.

Hotlomi Garden for Two --1½hr/$230
Body Scrub / Hotlomi Massage 60min

          Replenish your skin’s vitality with this exfoliating sea salt treatment. Experience an invigorating massage complete with Vitamin E oil to replenish your body with natural moisture and ease tension and fatigue.

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